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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Just wrong.

I was laying in bed the other night watching telly and I came across a show on TLC called "The Man with the Exploding Arms". Well, with a title like that of course I had to read the show info to see what the hell it meant. It was about a man that used steroids so that he could have the biggest biceps in the world. Then they started showing pictures of him and his arms and I about fell out of my bed. I don't generally like bodybuilders physiques, but this was just so beyond even that. Here's a picture of the guy, his name is Gregg Valentino.

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So, yeah. I just don't understand how anyone could want to look like that, and not just want to but would inject themselves with a drug that clearly is extremely harmful to their bodies, especially later on. Mad crazy. He has lots more pictures on his web site, and if you get the chance to watch the show i'd highly recommend it. I think the next time it's on is Feb. 23.

My kid is really not feeling so good today. He's got a bad bad tummy ache, I think it may be gas. He had spent Sunday night with his grandparents and then spent the day over there on Monday, as it was a holiday and he had no school. They took him to see 'The Pink Panther' and he said his stomach started to hurt after that because of all the popcorn he ate. Well, it's still hurting and he's not really wanting to eat much, which for him is a rarity, and his tummy is hard. This happened to him once before and it did turn out to be gas trapped in there. Still, if he isn't feeling better after tonight i'm going to take him in..the pains not localized so I don't think it's his appendix and he doesn't have a fever. I'm just gonna monitor him for now. Women's figuring skating is on the Olympics tonight, i'ma gonna go watch.

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