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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Kids say the funniest things.

I was sitting around watching t.v and folding laundry with my kid earlier and a cialis commercial came on. My goofy son starts talking to himself, not really paying attention to the commercial cuz he was folding socks, and I hear "for a reptile dysfunction". Haha. I asked, "did you just say a reptile dysfunction?" and he's all, "isn't that what they say?" So freaking funny. I told him they say erectile dysfunction and I had to explain what that means. He knows all about sex and whatnot so he caught on pretty quick but he was a little embarrassed. Then, we were watching the monologue on SNL with Steven Martin and this Viagra clock pops up in the corner..he asks what Viagra is and I tell him it's for a reptile dysfunction and he's all, "mom stop it!" Hehe. Speaking of SNL, it's been on for about 45 minutes now and it really sucks ass tonight. Which is sad because I really love Steven Martin. Ah well.

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