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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Night out.

Liss and I went out for a bit last night. This is how it went down. All week she's been talking about how she misses hanging out at this bar in WA where she used to go to play darts and socialize. She even got to fill in on a dart league once, right. So we're all thinking, hell yeah let's go find us a dart hang out drinkin place and we'll start our own dart league! We keep wanting to find "THE" bar, you know, where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came. So, we were gonna go check out this one bar I had never been to and Liss had been to once, but we got there and we're such chicken shits we didn't go in and went to a different bar instead, one we've been to a few times. We get in there, get our drinks and darts ($10 deposit) and cop a squat at a table by the dart boards. The couple playing on the dart board next to ours were way good and way into the game, keeping score on the score board and i'm like, ok go ahead Liss. Nerd then tells me that she doesn't even know how to play or keep score. GREAT! She just used to throw the darts and other people would do it or it was an electronic dart board and it would score automatically. I was so not going to get up and just start throwing darts like an idiot with no idea how to keep score haha. She let me down as our dart league leader. S'ok, though, she's going to read up on the rules of dart playing and we're going to try again in a few weeks. We even got some cute little dart bags (purses) to carry our darts in. (yeah, we know we're awesome)

I limited myself to two drinks and then started drinking water. Let me tell you, drunk people are so freaking funny to watch. I think from now on i'm not even going to drink anymore when I go out, i'm going to be the DD. There were these young G.I.s there playing pool, and it was so amazing to watch them. Basically guys are idiots when they are drunk and with friends. But the funny part is how cool they think they are. I guess if I were drunk, too, it wouldn't have seemed as funny because I probably would have been acting just as stupid, but as it was it was a riot. There was one that looked like Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle,

and he was the biggest dork out of all of them. He seriously had Napolean syndrome. Big talk for a little guy. He kept talking about his penis all night! Seriously, he said, "The walrus has the second biggest dick in the world..I have the first" haha. And then I heard him talking later about having 8 inches and it was hilarious. Crazy because he was telling this to his guy friends. I tried to take a picture of Frankie on Liss' new razor picture phone but it was too dark and he kept turning around right before i'd take it. Anyway, it was great.

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