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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sick Day.

No work for me today because I have a sick baby :-( He's 11, but like they say, they are always your babies no matter what the age. It turned out to be true, imagine that. I gave him a dose of motrin for his fever and tucked him straight back into bed. I called work & let my manager know and of course I got that attitude from her. Like my child getting sick and me not being able to make it to work is such a freaking inconvenience for her, even though it absolutely will not change her work load at all. She'll just sit in her office all day pretending to do any work at all, or she'll be out running her "errands". Yeah, errands like helping her daughter plan her wedding. But I suppose that's way more important than me staying home with my sick kid. What.effing.ever. Yes, I do have some work place issues, but who doesn't right? At least I have awesome co-workers, so it pretty much evens out. I so could rant all morning about shit that my boss does to piss me off so let me just move on now. I'm about to go check out the goings on in celebrity land, yay.

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