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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Snow day!

Well, icy road day, anyway. Schools are closed (including my college) & we are closing the office at work. Holla! So me and my kid are gonna chill at home all day, yay. This is my kinda monday, shoooot. It's because it's been cold as hell here and the roads have been snow packed into ice , and then it's warmed up so much today (up into the 40's maybe even) so add water to all that ice and you have the city closed down. I'm really glad I don't have to deal with it all, very dangerous. I really hate how, when I know I have to go to work my ass does not want to get out of bed and I can hit snooze 20 times and every time be able to fall back asleep..but if I get up & find out I'm not going to work, think my ass can go back to sleep? Hellz to the no. I guess I might as well go have me a cup of coffee and check out some celeb gossip.

Edit: It started blizzarding (not really, just sleeting a lot) & my kid was picking up doggy poo and of course I gotta post pictures of him doing it.

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