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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Busy few weeks.

I have been so busy the past few weeks, as well as tired as a mofo. Part of the problem was that I procrastinated the whole week of spring break and instead of keeping caught up with my homework I didn't do jack crap..which meant I had to do most of it over the course of one weekend because my test was on Monday (all the homework for each section is due the day of the section chapter test). BIG mistake. Cramming that much into a brain..well, mine such a short period of time is not a good thing, because basically my brain crashed. My brain was all like, "Watch this bitch, think you can overwork me and treat me like that? Well, I'll show you." And boy, did it. Not only did I awesomely fail my test, but I just couldn't think straight for the life of me this past week. A few examples, and there were plenty..My kid called me at work before he went to school, like he usually does...and this is how it always goes. He says, "Hi mom!" and I reply, "Hi babe!". Well, on this morning he says his Hi mom, and I reply "Hi mom!". Um, HELLO! The girls at work just started laughing, because it was so freaking odd and funny the way I said it. Another example, I get a phone message from a lady named Barbara at an insurance company wanting to speak to me about a patient, we'll say his name is George Blank..So I call her back and have to leave a message, and it goes like this.."Hi Barbara, this is George with (insert employer name) returning your call about patient George can reach me at blah blah blah...". Um, my name isn't George. So again, I hang up and the girls start laughing..i'm like, what the hell are y'all laughing at? Getting irritated even, right? They tell me what I said and I can believe it because that's just the kinda shit i've been doing all week. Not to mention how I can't form words or sentences correctly anymore. I hope after this weekend my head will heal itself. Even E, who I work with, said that if I don't get better this week she's gonna get worried and make me go to the doctor and get my head checked.

My kid got an invitation in the mail this past week for the People to People World Leadership Forum being held in Washington DC next spring..he was nominated by his teacher. I'm pretty proud of him and he's excited to be able to do it. We have to come up with the moolah, though, but there are ideas on how to fundraise and how to ask for donations from businesses and family/friends. It would be an awesome experience for him, I think. I'm not even going to think about him traveling across the country by himself just yet..I have a year for that. I'll just worry about things one at a time, for now.

Liss and I are planning our trip to Britain and Ireland for next Summer...we are SOO STOKED! I seriously cannot's been one of my dreams for so long. We got our travel brochures from CIE Tours and we think we want to go on this one, the Irish & British Focus tour. I informed the girls at work that I was going to find me a "irilish" boyfriend while I was there..remember, my brain hasn't been working? Right.

So. When did Rob Schneider Yeah, you heard me. We went and saw Benchwarmers yesterday, and I really can't believe it but he was pretty dang cute in it. See for yourself:

(click the play button)

This movie was so hilarious. Now, I don't have the most sophisticated or couth sense of humor (which I blame on the redneck half of me), but I really liked it. Even enough to maybe see again. Enough so that i'll definitely get the DVD. My son said it was the funniest movie he's ever seen..but he's 11, so yeah. I've got an even busier busy week coming up so I probably wont be posting anything.

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