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Monday, April 10, 2006

Potlucks and bosses suck.

We had a potluck at work today for someone's birthday. I ate way too much and I feel like crap. Of course I'm blaming missing my Algebra class tonight on this because I swear I was going to go and get my bad test back, the one that I know I royally flunked. Instead I came straight home from work and watched Oprah. That always makes me feel better. I've been trying really hard to eat healthy lately, and I've been pretty successful at it, too..until today. Potlucks are nothing but free buffets..well, okay not totally free because you have to contribute something, but you get my point. We had salmon patties, potato salad, biscuits, Korean food, rotisserie chicken, rice, hot wings and from Costco those wrap sandwiches and cocktail shrimp and salad. (I so am about to puke just typing this.) Oh, and a big ass chocolate cake. I meant to bring something healthy but I forgot all about the stupid thing until I got to work this morning and my boss asked me if i'd brought something. That's why we had the food from Costco..last minute potluck shopping.

My boss really irritates the piss out of me sometimes. Me and Liss asked if we could have the same day off in July, a Friday, so that I could go to Kenai with her and her boyfriend and kids for a long weekend, right? He goes to dip net and me and the kid like to go and camp on the beach with them. It should be no big deal at all, because there are two other people in that office that are more than capable of covering for us. So this morning the Boss asks me, well is (co-worker) going to be able to cover for you? Because I wouldn't normally let you both off at the same time, but since you ask for so little i'll ok it this time. What-effing-ever. It's ONE day, and a Friday at that. Half the time we all leave early on Fridays anyway because all of our work is usually caught up. She just likes to make drama out of everything. She's really going to have a fit when Liss and I tell her we want two weeks off at the same time next summer for our Ireland/Britain trip.

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