Set Adrift

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It's been awhile since i've posted an entry, but I blame it on Celebrity Gossip and MySpace. I am/was addicted to both. I even started blogging on MySpace, and probably still would be, too, if not for the fact that I got rid of my super speedy internet, and MySpace just does not cooperate with my mediocre speed internet. I became obsessed with finding my favorite singers/bands/actors and trying to add them as "friends", although I did interract with my real life friends as well..I'm glad i'm over it, though. Shite, who the hell am I kidding...I want my fast internet back, mammit! I want to cruise MySpace again! Bastards, trying to freaking charge me $40/mo. for super speedy, don't they know that I don't have the patience for this slow shit? Please Please let them call me and offer me 3 months for free again, or at least at a discounted rate. That's how they sucked me in in the first place, let me have the shit for free and got me all addicted to it and then they want me to pay out the ass for it..whatever, i'm not giving in. Big Brother All-Star is starting, I gotta go. :-)

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