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Friday, July 07, 2006

Case of the Blah's

Originally posted: Sunday, April 30, 2006
Current mood: Cranky

I hate being a procrastinator. I really should be doing Algebra homework and studying for the final coming up on Wednesday, hell, I should have started like..a week ago. But I didn't, and so here I am in the same boat I always am..feeling rushed and stressed. And even though I'm feeling like that, think that matters? Uh, that'd be a big fat NO. Thats why i'm here typing about it instead of actually doing it. There are just so many other things I want to be doing instead, like taking a nap or just surfing the net or watching TV or taking a walk or..or..anything but Algebra, really.

Church was good today, the little kids were having first communion and they were so freaking cute. I went grocery shopping and spent way more than I should have, and then I went and bought 2 cd's. Counting Crows and Guns N Roses, both best of. I'm feeling reaallly grumpy at the moment, kind of like I do when i'm PMS'ing but that's not supposed to be happening yet. I think it's just a combo of needing to do you know what and being tired. I couldn't sleep worth crap last night and woke up around 4amish with my glasses askew on my face and the T.V. on. I know why my glasses are so jacked up now, it's because I always fall asleep with them on...that, and the fact that I bump into shit with my face all the time and break 'em. Blah, whatever, i'm gonna go and do...something. Oh, the kid is visiting his dad, so..Yeah.

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