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Friday, July 07, 2006

Internet sucks.

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Yesterday I called my cable/internet/phone provider and had them cancel my movie packages and my super duper speedy internet . Now i'm just back to speedy internet, which isn't speedy at fact, it's slow as molasses, especially with Myspace. Hell, Myspace was slow with even the super duper speedy, so imagine it now. All of this means that my worry of becoming addicted to the internet (Myspace) isn't a problem anymore, because I do not have the patience for this shite, waiting 5 minutes for a page to load (or not load)..whatever. Myspace can eff off, mammit! (my impatience and aggravation talking)

So, I joined the gym yesterday, and it was really fun working out with Kim. I started off on the elyptical, and that lasted about 2 minutes cuz it kills my upper thighs, so then I switched over to the treadmill for 25 minutes. Then we went and did the weight machines. This guy joined us on the treadmills, he was on the one next to Kim, and he just kept talking about his job and how much money he makes and yadda yadda was hilarious. He had a hot little body, though, and wasn't bad looking, either..too bad he couldn't keep his pie hole shut hehe. We kept seeing him strutting around after that, and when we were leaving and I was signing up for my membership, he came to the counter with his shirt off, like he was just trying so hard to impress. Funny bidness. Kim said she felt sorry for him cuz it seemed like he was wanting to make friends so bad, but that she was also a little wary of him because he's an ex-cop (correctional officer? haha).

Anyway, I think my kid is going to really enjoy it, too. There were quite a few kids there, and a few girls his age, as well..maybe even a little older . I'm also super excited about going to the pool with Laura and baby F, it'll be so fun. Well, that's about all the excitement, or lack thereof.

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