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Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Saturday.

I went to the Saturday Market today. I really just wanted to stay at home and be lazy and maybe get some stuff done around the house, but I couldn't do that. It was my good friends baby's birthday today and she wanted us to hang out with them. So, even though tomorrow is her official "party" I let her drag me out of the house. Once I got out and about I was good to go, I didn't even eat too horrible like I tend to do at the Market. They have food booths galore and today I only ate 1 beef & cheese piroshke, half a native fry bread with powdered sugar, lemonade and a couple bites of an elephant ear. Yummy right? I love to people watch, and boy was it fun today. There were some characters, let me tell ya. We are so horrible, I'll admit we have a tendency to really make fun of people and "not it" them, or "there's your boyfriend" them. My theory is that it's okay, because I know people are probably making fun of me right back so who cares. I didn't say it was a good theory, but whatever.

My BFF moved back to Alaska a few weeks ago. I haven't seen her yet, but we've talked. We grew up here in Alaska together, and we both ended up moving out of state after graduation back in 1991. Me in 1995 and her not long after. I had a baby and got hitched and moved because my then husband got stationed in Nebraska and she moved to Illinois with her parents. Anyway, I left my husband in 1998 and moved with my kid from Nebraska to Illinois to live with her until 2000, when I then moved back here to Alaska. So we have a lot of history together and I'm really pretty excited she's back, and I love her to death but she has a alcohol problem and I don't really know where she is at with that right now. I'm sure I'll find out eventually, but that is a problem spot between us because I have 0 tolerance for alcoholics. Having grown up with an alcoholic father I tend to be pretty harsh about it, and I just can't be sympathetic towards it. My attitude is, if you're an alcoholic, either get help with it or kill yourself. Don't come crying to me about it. I know it sounds mean, but having cried many a tear because of alcoholism growing up and at the end when my dad was dying from liver failure, I can't do it anymore. Me and my mom tried everything through the years to get him to stop, but nothing worked. You get worn down and tired and pissed off after dealing with it for 30+ years, so you can bet your ass I'm not doing this with her, especially not now. Since my dad passed 9 months ago, she has called me a few times drunk off her ass wanting to talk about how she doesn't want to end up like that and how his death has really affected her...Well, quit freaking drinking then! I know it's not that easy, but damnit I can't help you. You gotta help you.

On a more positive note, I'm hitting up the roller skating rink tomorrow to get my roller skating groove on!

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