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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Originally posted: Saturday, May 13, 2006
Mood: excited
Category: Life

I just bought the Godsmack tickets..not only that, but they are pretty good seats to boot. WooHoo! And I got an A in Algebra and I gave FritoBandito the bestest at home haircut he's ever gotten. This is turning out to be the best few days ever! (maybe not ever, but just go along with it) Here's a pic of Frito's haircut.

Poor thing, he's so mad to me and doesn't he look traumatized? Well, it's the best I could do because he was being a royal little shit, let me tell ya. I had to call in for backup (kid) and that's the best we could do between the two of us. It's so nice out today and I wanted to take a long walk with the dog and kid, but there is no way I could've taken Frito looking like he was looking. He would've scared everyone. So it had to be done. Oh, I watched The Family Stone last night, it was pretty cute. I also rented Brokeback Mountain and a foreign movie..I'm saving that one for tonight.

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