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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm so not tech savvy..

that's why I love this new blog I stumbled onto-Sexy Geeks-. It's new to me, anyway. Already it's taught me how to activate my built in Windows XP firewall and it's the reason I am now using Mozilla as my search engine of choice. I love the tabs, and before this blog I never would have known. I'm contemplating the purchase of two Dell DJ Ditty's for me and the kid. I was figuring that 220 songs would be plenty more than I would need, but now that i'm actually ready to buy one I'm worried that it wont be. I've been trying to keep a list of songs I want and they just keep adding up...for $39, though, I'm not that worried about it. For that price I won't feel so bad if I later find I want to upgrade to something more. I'm pretty excited, my first mp3 player of any sort, woo!

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