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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So exhausted.

I invited my mother over for dinner tonight as she wanted me to help her fill out this will paperwork , but instead I spent the majority of the evening at the E.R. I had to leave home with the lasagna in the oven and my kid in charge of it. When I did finally did get home, starving, the cheese on top was definitely a tad over well done. I guess he got distracted on the time because of the computer, imagine that.

The reason for the E.R. visit was my good friend Ell's baby fell off the arm of their couch and she hit her chin on the edge of the computer desk, leaving a gaping wound with fat protruding from it. So not my thing. She called me and I hear this screaming baby on the other end of the phone and her asking me to come get them and take them in. Of course I couldn't say no because she's my other favorite kid in the world, second only to mine. 4 freaking hours and 3 stitches later we were done. Those E.R.'s are slow as molasses, I tell ya. But you get the awesome people watching in! Poor baby Eff, they had to wrap her up in a "burrito" and 3 people had to hold her down (me, the mom, and a nurse)so the Dr. could do his thing. Seeing the numbing shot sliding into the actual wound almost made me ill and that is a prime example of why I'm not going into the nursing field.

The lasagna was good, burntish cheese and all. It was a special "healthy" lasagna, and my mom was still here when I returned. Talk about grumpy, wow. I hate when she's in that kind of mood. We didn't get her will stuff done, I told her I'd call her tomorrow and we could try and do it over the phone. Ever since my dad passed she has been borderline obsessive about getting this will done and letting me in on her "secret" hiding places. I understand the need, but damn she's driving me bonkers. I'm off to bed, I'm tired.

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