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Sunday, September 10, 2006


From: Sunday, September 03, 2006

Excuse me, I just returned from the fair and I can't quit doin' that. But what's really gross is that they are really greasy ones cuz you know that's what I eat when I'm there. Some people crave sweets, but not me. I like grease and salt. I'm so over it, though, I should be good on that for at least a few weeks. Today was our second trip, we went yesterday with LJ and Fall and my kids friend Teej, and today and we went with my mom and her friend Sylvia. I'm glad I went with my mom today. I'm just so used to going to those kind of things with my Dad that I guess I didn't realize that she might want to go, too, or that maybe she missed going with us. It really surprised me today, and kind of made me feel bad, when she told me that before this year the last time she had been to the fair was in the 80's. Wow. But we had a good time and she had fun.

So, let me tell you how much i'm going to hate my Lifespan Development class. I really am an individualist and I hate speaking in front of groups, so of course this class is chock full of group work and a group presentation at the end of the year. In front of everyone. Mammit. Funny story, though. Our TA is a "naturalist", right, and first day of class she is walking around with bare feet and she's telling us how normally she teaches outdoors and how she is into holistic medicines and healing and blah blah. Well, now, y'all know I have the whole boob thing going on, so guess what she wasn't wearing? Right, so touchin' my nose right now. A bra. Cue Derek Zoolander voice.. 'How am I supposed to learn if she doesn't even wear a bra?' Gah, between Statistics and this class i'll be amazed if I make it through the semester.

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